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Hello, dear Guest! Welcome to our site!

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Here, you can find selected videolessons, videocourses and training videos in Russian, and various courses in other formats: e-books, trainings, audiocourses and a big amount of different materials concerning teaching, self-development and self-education.

Dear visitor, I would like to share some interesting finding from everyday life with you. Not long ago I came across my old buddy, who was always much more talented than his peers. It turned out that he works at a small company, occupies not very prestigious post and fulfills routine job. His life, to my mind, was so monotonous and cheerless and I was at a loss how it could happen.
Photoshop CS5 от А до ЯHaving searched my memory, I began recollecting similar examples from my life and realized that there are a lot of such people as my pal. On repeated occasions I saw gifted persons who couldn’t achieve much or they achieved what didn’t meet their expectations. I hardly can call them sluggards, idler or, moreover, losers. How did it happen, I wonder?

Why does it happen? How is it possible?

I suppose, I can give answers to these questions. In reality, everything is as easy as a pie. Point that all these people didn’t want to improve given skills, they didn’t try to be self-developed and take more from life. They didn’t use their mind, body and time for a gradual movement to new greater achievements. It’s becoming disappointing for such persons because they are given power, intellect and youth but they waste all of these not for importing something up-to-date in their future and future of their relatives?

In case you decided to change something in your life to the better side, our site is created special for you. It doesn’t matter, whether you study or work or, may be, you are a pensioner. It’s not essential whether you are an amateur in a chosen field. Above all, it’s necessary to realize that you are a man, altering the world to the better side for you. The videocourses and training courses, collected by us, will be exactly useful for this. Our video lessons are the most effective and suitable way of promotion to new knowledge, new application methods of received information.

Why did we select a videocourse and video lesson format?

Firstly, videocourses and video lessons are the easiest and fastest way of learning. When you watch a videocourse, recorded from the display, you render what you have seen, and there is less opportunity that you will miss something, moreover, every video lesson is accompanied with needful explanations. With the help of videolectures (it’s available too), you will get a verbal as well as non-verbal information. It’s worth noticing that bigger part of our videocourses have such format, recorded from the display.

Secondly, our videocourses have a distinct classification; any information learnt by you but forgotten, can be easily founded. As a rule, the videocourses are subdivided to separate parts which also split to video lessons. In turn, every video lesson is devoted to a particular topic.

Thirdly, for example, the creators of videocourses have described in the full measure the process of creating your own site, its arrangement in the Internet and what you will need for it and so on, in that way, having saved you time and strength for the search of necessary information. At that, the convenient video lesson format let you have an eye on all actions step by step and repeat them after the “lecturer”. Very often, the contemporary books and paid training courses lack for so informative fullness.

Fourthly, a distinguishing feature of all our training courses and particular video lessons in staging and understandable explanations. The authors always have effective pieces of advice, which are very useful while learning.

Fifthly, at every stage of learning, even at such vague one as discussion of theoretical material, the creators of video lessons give you step-by-step instructions, explaining the theory, using simple and easy examples. The practical realizations – are a step-by-step creation of comprehensive examples.

Киберсант-МенеджерOur site is an enormous variety of video lessons and videocourses, arranged to items. There is also a description of each of them, useful data in the form of articles, which elucidate single videocourses or video lessons.

With the help of our courses you will have an opportunity to learn to organize a highly profitable Internet-business, you see, a technical side of Internet-business is significant. Make it clear, that if you can create sites and handle with Mailing List scripts, have e-books and know such computer programmes as Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Camtasia Studio, you will easily achieve success in informational business.

You can learn to create your own sites and, nowadays, it’s real to receive a passive profit in sum of 300-400 $ a month from several visited sites owing to placing there different commercials of such systems as Google Adsense, Yandex.Direct, Begun and so on.

Let us suppose that you work at some firm and you’re your chief has been offering you on repeated occasions to create a site but you didn’t have enough knowledge for doing this. In this case, there is impossible to find the most effective and fastest solution.

And if your children (grandchildren) play computer games and watch TV, perhaps, transformation the computer into an educational machine is the best present for them?
In future, your child will be a pride for you, when you see that he (she) learns Photoshop, site-building and many other “subtleties” with pleasure, which will be very helpful later on.

Besides, you will be able to multiply your self-appraisal, self-esteem and self-education level, to create a personal website and spend you leisure more opportunely.
In any event, I am firmly convinced that knowledge you got from these disks will prove useful to you and you will be able to cope with any problem faster, saving your power, time and money.

We wish you success in studying and, what is of no small importance, in using the received knowledge. We hope that with the help of videolessons, videocourses and training videos found on this site, you will be able to change the quality and living standards of yours and your relatives, getting at the same time a moral satisfaction from the learnt and applied.

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